Apzem Fume Extractor

Apzem manufacturer wide range of Fume Extraction System which is used for removing fume and smoke particulates produced during marking process in many manufacturing processes. Our product high efficiently extract harmful fume from various industrial chimneys. Our filtration system consists of high quality pre-filter, HEPA filter and odor/gas filter that remove harmful smoke, fumes and return purified air to the employee workplace. Engineered for the high effective collecting and harmful containment of industrial air pollutants, our product are manufacturer to give cleaner air , healthy air in working environments. Request For Quote

About Our Fume Extraction System

fume extraction system

Apzem range of fume extraction system have been designed for the safe and effective removal of particulate, dust and swarf generated during processes such as drilling, routing, mechanical engraving, and grinding.Fume eXhaust system are used to remove the harmful gases/fumes generating form the working environment such as welding, Cutting,Spray Painting, Buffing,Machining process form various industrial processes. Acid fume coming out of acid tanks/Chemicals are more harmful and life threatening.The systems are highly acclaimed among our clients for their pertinent factors like corrosion resistant, dimensionally accurate, durable and high performance.

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