Soldering Fume Extractor


Soldering fumes are made up of particulate matter and gaseous pollutant of combination 95% and 5% respectively. Some of the gaseous pollutants are Acetone, Methyl Alcohol, Formaldehyde, Carbon Dioxide, Diterpine Acid, Carbon Monoxide and Isopropyl Alcohol.Largely seen as an irritant, solder smoke can reduce the productivity of workers through a loss of concentration as well as the accompanying onset of fatigue.Solder paste/fluxes in semi-automated processes. These can include V.O.C. (volatile organic compounds) in solder compositions, and halides.

Machining, de-burring, cutting, polishing or grinding of metals. In electronics as well as general manufacturing processes, many different types of harmful chemicals or materials can be introduced back into the atmosphere. The safest and most efficient means of dealing with hazardous substances is to provide the proper equipment for purifying the quality of the air in the workplace.

Soldering fluxes used in hand soldering includingrosin/resin based fluxes. When using flux materials containing rosin, sometimes known as colophony. It also explains what your employer has to do and the precautions you should take. It deals only with the risks arising from exposure torosin-based or modified rosin-based solder fluxes.Rosin is used mainly as a flux in the electrical and electronics industries where it is heated with the solder (usually tin/lead) to make electrical connections. It may also be used for soldering in plumbing and other pipe-fitting work.The precise constituents of the fume causing occupational asthma and irritation are not known.Typical early symptoms are watery and prickly eyes, runny or blocked nose, a sore throatand coughing, wheezing or breathing difficulties.

These may start within minutes of exposure or be delayed for several hours, so that their link to work may not be immediately recognized. However, improvement at weekends and holidays often points to the symptomsbeing job related.From a review of scientific evidence it has not been possible to identify a safe level of exposure below which occupational asthma will not occur. Exposure to all rosin-based solder flux fumes should, therefore, be avoided or kept as low as is reasonably practicable.Apzem soldering fume extractor designed majorly on the basis of spot suction through the ventilation system of the building with this technique, large volumes of air can be removed from the operator’s breathing zone. This method is as effective as extraction with mobile systems some factors to be considered on selecting the system of installation is extensive; the construction is often designed for bigger, future needs.

This means that systems become more expensive both in installation and operation. Also, the flexibility at the working area is limited. It is quite complex to build filters which catch the wide spectrum of pollutants produced in the different processes at the working area. Instead it is common to exhaust the pollutants outdoors without any filtration.Apzem provides you three stages of fume extraction filters in a system. These filters are designed in the basis of maximum destructive efficiency of 99.95%. These filters are as follows,

Pre Filter:

The efficiency of the pre filter is directly related to the life of the HEPA in that the more particulates captured in it, the less can pass through and prematurely block the HEPA. Apzem Advantage range of welding fume purification systems has an efficiency of 80% at 0.2 microns and 95% at 1micron. And also it regulates the fume-air flow combination to the next chamber.

HEPA type filter:

HEPA Filter - Up to 99.99% efficient on particles 0.3 microns and larger. Advantage micro filters are positioned within the system in such a way that all the particulates are not only captured but held within the media.

Gas/Chemical Filtration:

Most standard chemical filters are made up of a 50/50 mix of Activated Aluminium Potassium Permanganate and Active carbon. The media neutralizes a broad base of chemicals and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) pollutants. Third gas media should be introduced that is specifically designed to absorb and neutralize harmful and extremely corrosive HCL (Hydrogen Chloride) gas.

Apzem Engineers and Consultants will undergo a thorough field study and understands the process, source and the amount of pollutants generated, and its nature and type of pollutants present so as to optimally design the scrubber that would decreases unwanted costs and increases efficiency. These three stages of Apzem fume extraction system provide you a healthy environment.

Technical Specifications

Scrubber capacity : upto 40HP based on your process requirement, and PPM of pollutants emitted.

Material of construction: Mild Steel, MS with FRP Lined, Stainless Steel or FRP (Based on corrosive nature and temperature of exhaust gas)

Type of scrubber : Spray chamber, Packed bed scrubber, Venturi scrubber.

Exhaust delivery : Through chimney (if Required) upto 15 meters

Centrifugal blower

Scrubber Packings

Exhaust gas monitors

All Apzem Products are designed to comply with ACGIH and OSHA standards as well as local PCB Standards.

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All Apzem Products are minimum one year waranted for performance and quality.

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